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Department Administrator, Oil and Gas Services in Aberdeen

The one time that I really remember where Omega went well beyond the call of duty was when the volcano erupted in Iceland in 2010. I had “The Boss” struck over in Nigeria when this happened, desperate to get home.  I dealt with Tracey and Anthony at that time and a boss who loved googling, trying to think and look for routes home.  These varied from going alternate flight routes, getting to Paris then the Euro Tunnel and not forgetting the ferry.  Through all this Anthony, Tracey and the rest of the team handled all this googling with patience and understanding notwithstanding a few laughs as to what the boss would google next. Through their dedication and hard work we eventually got him home from Nigeria, once things had settled down a bit, he ended up staying for the weekend and having a good time. Upon his return he made sure that we sent some flowers to Omega to say thank-you very much for all their hard work over that week and weekend.

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OmegaAdminDepartment Administrator, Oil and Gas Services in Aberdeen