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Director of Sales, Semiconductor Solutions, Surrey

We have been using Omega travel exclusively for the last 18 years for all our international flight and travel arrangements, their expertise and guidance on our travel plans have allowed us to get quick answers and recommendations on how best to travel to new prospective clients locations across the world, which is not easily done if you have never travelled to the country or region before. Omega have saved us a lot of time and effort in searching for the best route which has especially been helpful where we sometimes have had quite complex connections. Omega have given sound advice on time required travelling between terminals and connections which is something that is hard to know if you haven’t been through the route before and has saved us missing flights with impossible connections. We have made use of the out of hours service several times whilst abroad on other time zones where flights have been cancelled and we needed fast re-routing, they have got us home quickly through several last minute emergencies which would have been impossible for us to achieve on our own. Omega are not a supplier of services to our company, they are a valued member of our team that we wouldn’t be without.

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OmegaAdminDirector of Sales, Semiconductor Solutions, Surrey