Business Travel Flights

Utilising the very latest in travel technology, OMEGA˚ Business Travel delivers unrivalled Business Travel Flights content and access to specially negotiated and no frills fares.

Business Travel Flights

Negotiated Fares

Through our strategic partnerships and consolidated buying power OMEGA˚ Business Travel has access to specially negotiated business travel flights fares designed specifically for the business traveller. The vast majority of these fares will not be found via general web searches, only through OMEGA˚ Business Travel . With access to over 70 airline fare contracts, savings can reach up to 60% off the standard published airline fares.

Regardless of whether your preference is for a bespoke online solution or simply using our experienced team over the phone or on e-mail. We will ensure you gain access to the very best fare content and ultimately maximise your savings.

No Frill Fares

Using the very latest technical wizardry, OMEGA˚ Business Travel is able to offer multiple airline searches including no frills fares in the one search, saving you time and money on your business travel flights. With the ever expanding fare channels it is more important than ever to ensure that you have access to all available flight content.

Through our investment in technology OMEGA˚ Business Travel will ensure you do not miss out on any savings opportunities by keeping you informed and enabling access to all fares simultaneously.

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