Business Hotels

The key to Hotels for Business is content, OMEGA˚ Business Travel can offer a whole myriad of rate options including pre-paid, corporate and best on day on anything from B&B’s to 5 Star Business Hotels.

Online Hotel Booking

UK Hotels

Got a UK Hotel requirement? Let the team at OMEGA˚ Business Travel take away the time and effort of searching the numerous websites for the best deal. Whether you are looking for budget options or 5 star quality, we have the technology to find you the best deal. Looking to create a hotel programme? Again, OMEGA˚ Business Travel can support your efforts, negotiate company specific rates and create a best in market hotel programme.

Negotiated Rates

The key to generating savings and value is through access to content. OMEGA˚ Business Travel technology enables us to search multiple sources at the same time, whether it’s a hotel corporate rate, pre-paid, daily hotel deals or otherwise. Using software to search mainstream web channels and interrogating our own hotel corporate negotiated rates, we can make sure your hotel programme is optimised and delivers the savings you require.

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