Your OMEGA˚ Business Travel account management team will collate all your monthly business travel into easy reporting documentation based on your requirements.

Standard Reporting

Key to any successful travel programme is the understanding of your data. Omega is able to provide a standard reporting suite delivering detailed information about your programme. Whether its, policy compliance, cost savings, CO2 reporting or otherwise. Delivered in Excel and PDF formats we can keep you up to date with your latest travel figures.

Advanced Reporting

Understanding the need for immediate access to data, Omega is able to provide an advanced online solution for your personal access. It not only delivers your up to date spend it also enables you to run reports at your leisure and offers a dashboard function for you to interrogate. All in all this is a perfect choice for those keen to keep a close eye on their travel programme and behaviours.

The dashboard provides a snapshot of your current travel expenditure and is fully interactive enabling you to very quickly evaluate your real-time data.

Provides a break down of your travel expenditure detailing the savings offered, taken and rejected. The report is fully customisable and provides additional information such as department, business unit, cost centre and traveller.

This customisable report option enables you a breakdown of your hotel data and can provide detailed evidence of your expenditure which will ultimately support any future supplier negotiations for special rates.

A useful report breaking down key elements of your expenditure including trend analysis for the year and month, top suppliers and travellers.

In a world that demands more corporate responsibility than ever, the ability to provide a detailed breakdown of your CO2 impact is essential. The report will provide an easy way of tracking your emissions in order to support any existing carbon offset programme.

Rest safe in the knowledge that you have web based access to view the whereabouts of your travellers at any given time. Providing both map and report options, the tool provides a quick and easy way to keep your travellers safe.

With Omega you get a flexible and impartial business travel solution for today’s global business.