OPTIMA˚ Online Booking

Like Booking Travel Yourself?

OMEGA˚ Business Travels award-winning single sign in online booking tool enables travel managers to reduce and manage costs, whilst shaping booking behaviour by driving policy compliance.

Online booking not only enables the ability to reduce your overall travel costs, it also offers you complete control of your travel programme. The Optima˚ booking platform allows an easy to use portal for booking Air Travel, Accommodation, Rail Travel, Car Hire and much more…

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Organising on the move

Extending our reach, the OMEGA˚ Mobile text service offers your travellers the freedom to view their air travel on their mobile device. It also enables your travellers to see real-time schedule changes, provides details of terminal and gate information, full 24-hour contact details for Omega and the ability to check-in using their mobile device.

Traveller Booker Desktop

Travel Booker Desktop

Manage your travellers online

  • View all air and hotel bookings made through Omega in the one display
  • Review all reservations whether held or ticketed
  • Select chosen date ranges to display pre-trip information
  • View in a calendar display
  • Re-send itineraries to your travellers
  • View trip projections

Online reporting

Your reports at your finger tips.

Pre-designed suites of reports allow users to generate highly detailed and accurate reports which are also totally customisable.

Our online reporting tool uniquely allows users to produce fully detailed reports based on invoiced, non-invoiced, ticketed and non-ticketed data.

Online Booking

Traveller Security

Keeping your travellers safe

With the ever-increasing need to know your travellers are kept safe, OMEGA˚ Business Travel can provide the reassurance of our traveller security suite. Our systems are designed to provide instant access to data to report on the whereabouts of your employees. In the event of any global issue regardless of the severity, OMEGA˚ can offer the peace of mind that we are keeping track of your employees and if required ensure their immediate safe return.

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With OMEGA˚ Business Travel you get flexible and impartial Business Travel Management solution for today’s global business.

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